The world is big don’t stuck in one place. Go and explore it – it will worth it.

People always asking which country or city I like the most. Impossible to choose – all country has it own beauty.

Which country would I go back if I could? Definitely all of it.

Remember when I was 16 years old and decided that I want to travel the world, to meet with new people and to enjoy a different atmosphere. In that year my biggest dream was to go London and finally see the Tower bridge. I always adored London, a busy and bubbly city. It was a dream, a big dream. Every day was planning what I would like to see and do when finally I will be able to go there. Everyday it was inside me which is still inside me. Hard to explain what is this actually. A thing inside you which will not let you stay in one place, which makes you do things what you never thought you would ever do. It feels inside and it just don’t want to calm down, just grow bigger and bigger. Maybe the curiosity – to learn new things about the world, to explore a new phrase in my life. Maybe just to keep my mind entertained in the everyday life. It feels like a power and I love it, would never ever give this up.

I will die one day just as everybody will do, but I will be able proudly say that I truly lived my life. Some people will not be able to say this. People who grew up in a city and never ever left it, not even once. I know someone, a girl who is 21 years old. She never been abroad, but what is more shocking for me is that she not even been the capital of the country where she lives now 21 years old. All these are not because she couldn’t afford it – she is just different I guess. What will she tell for her children or grand kids? What stories she will say over and over again? I wonder if she has a photo book – probably doesn’t – to share it. I just feel sorry for her to be honest, she had been given a life and not using it wise. How many things are out there in the world what she will never see or experience. Well I guess she chose this kinda life. She is happy – is she? Just imagine a big building full with exciting things and you just only standing in one place, you are not taking a step right or left, just standing there with all those things which are in the same point/place as you are standing, those which you can reach with your arms. Yes you are happy but you only say this because you never made a step right or left. You never experienced more than what is just right around you. You don’t know what is being happy means until you take a step. You can always step back! – that will be there for you as a safe-house.

The world is big don’t stuck in one place. Go and explore it – it will worth it.


3 thoughts on “The world is big don’t stuck in one place. Go and explore it – it will worth it.

  1. Unfortunately a lot of Americans are like this. Some of us think that we have everything that we need right here. Not true. As you can tell from my blog and thank you so much for following it, my motto is STAYING HOME IS NOT AN OPTION !

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