Conquer the world – Rome

My sister had been proposed in Rome – usual movie scene  – at the Trevi fountain. I have seen the pictures about Rome what they took during their stay, and it was stunning. I knew straight away I have to go and explore it. The buildings on the photos were unique, something what I have not seen before in any other country, something new and different what I wanted to explore.

I started to look into it on the internet, reading a lot about it and planning the adventure. Every minute my mind was going on the trip and I could not wait to book a flight ticket and sort out the accommodation.


Finally the day became, I am at the airport waiting for my aircraft to depart. It is an early morning and I feel a bit tired but the excitement into me keep me awake. We started to queue up for check-in. I am looking the people around me and wonder:

Why are they going to Rome? What will they do there?

There is a man about 47 years old, wearing a nicely ironed suit and holding a brown briefcase. Under his arm there is a magazine – a daily newspaper – and he is reading something on his phone, not looked up once to see what is going on around him. I think he is a business man. You can tell he is not excited about his trip at all. As I am looking his face it looks tired and kinda sad. Probably he wanted to stay home and spend the day with his wife and kids, but work needs to be done.

A young couple is standing in front of me, they are about 20 years old. Both of them have backpack on, and they cannot wait to get on the plane. Tourists just like me who are excited to see the city and explore it. In the queue they made about sixteen selfies – the first one never good – and loaded up on Facebook. Every minute they are checking who liked their picture. Cute teenager years I think, when the most important thing is how many “like” do you get on your post – I was never like this.

An other couple on the right a bit forward, probably in their early 30s. They look exhausted. I cannot tell what are they up to. Maybe they are going to visit some relatives, or just going home. Maybe they spent some days here and this is the reason of their exhaustion. I wonder if they enjoyed it, but hope they did. Wish I could see their photos.

We are moving now, they started to board the plane. Ticket and passport check and YES I am in my seat ready to go. During the flight I am reading my booklet which is full with my notes about Rome. What to see, where to go, etc.  

I feel happy and excited because I know a new adventure is await for me.


If you are interested in my adventure in Rome please continue the story by clicking on my next post:


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