Why is it always hard at the beginning?

“Don’t give up; the beginning is always the hardest.” – Kemmy Nola

The plane arrived at Ciampino airport luckily, as this one is closer to the city than Fiumicino Airport. I literally can`t wait to get out of the aircraft and start exploring the beauty of Rome.

The stewardess opened the door – people start moving – which makes me more excited. I am just following the crowed towards to passport control. A big queue ahead, I join in.

In the queue I can see again that young couple who were standing in front of me when we had been boarding the plane back home. They are not look that excited as they looked before. Maybe they are not a morning person and to wake up this early for the flight is just coming out on them now. I`m sure in a couple of hours they will be fine and that excitement what I had seen on them before will return.

We are moving although it is going really slow. I feel a bit inpatient – I just want to be outside to feel the air, to sniff into it.

The small girl dropped her cuddly toy, a purple bear. Quickly pick it up and gave back to her. She is smiling. The mom said to me something – with a big smile on her face – in Italian, wish I could understand.

I am the next in the queue, quickly show my passport to the security man, he nodded his had – meaning I can go. This is it – the adventure is about to begin.

I do not have suitcase just a hand luggage so I don`t have to wait, I can go out straight. As I step outside I can feel the air, it is welcoming.


In front of the airport there is a square – you can`t miss it – which is actually a bus stop. Different stations with different bus companies. You can get bus straight into the city centre, these are cost around 6 Euro. Tickets can be purchased inside the terminal at the company`s kiosk. I always try to choose the cheapest options, so I will leave these buses and go with the one which is used by the Italian public – ATRAL bus.

The ATRAL bus company run buses towards the metro station called Anagnina where you can easily reach the city centre – if you are lucky. I get on the bus, ask for a ticket which cost me 1.20 Euro – quite cheap I think. The journey to the metro station is about 15 minutes.

The bus is full with people who are from around here. They probably going to work or just finished their shift here at the airport. I think this is the reason why is this bus company so cheap. I can see a couple who are foreign but they look like as tourist. Seems like not I am the only one who prefer the cheaper options for transfers.

I arrived the metro station which is closed as they are renovating it. “GOOD START” – I think. I cannot speak Italian and the people here cannot speak English. I might be in a trouble. I approach a few people, some of that just shake his head showing me that they cannot understand me, some answers in Italian which is not too helpful as I don`t understand, some of them do not even stop.

I am feeling a bit lost now. Wish I would have a power to speak all the languages in the world. I do not know what to do so I approach a few more people, to try my luck – unsuccessful again. Alright let`s think, there is always a solution – there has to be. I start walking around and hope that I will find something which has written in English. After twenty minutes wandering around clueless I finally notice something.

There is a small shop near the station – from outside you cannot tell – I go in and hope someone can understand me. The girl who is about my age know a bit English – I feel so relived. She is selling public transport tickets so I bought mine – 78 hour ticket for 16 Euro. I found out there are replacement buses going upstairs so I run up. I am looking around and about the end of the big square I can see people queuing for buses.


I jump on the next bus, which takes me to the closest available metro stop. This bus is packed, feels like a hundred people trying to fit into it – uncomfortable and smelly. Well I am on it and just hope it will not be a long journey. After about 5 minutes the driver opens the door, people flying off the bus. I am start following the crowed, then I see a metro sign which takes me underground.

There are two metro lines in Rome, line A and B – quite straightforward, isn`t it? From this stop I take the metro to Termini where I will change for the line B. My hotel is a bit out of the centre but I do not mind as it is cheap and easily reachable by metro. The metro here is very simple and least noisy, going under and above the ground also. It is a bit crowded as I arrived in rush hours – people are going to work and school. I am luckily sitting as it is just getting more crowded.

The Italian language is nice – people are speaking while I am just sitting here and listening, I like it. Wish I could speak this language also. There are only two things what I remember from my studies in Italian language. I can ask a beer and something to eat in Italian. Better than nothing I guess – it will might come in handy.

At Termini station it is easy to change for the other metro line as signs are everywhere showing it, but if you cannot see any – which is impossible – just follow the crowed. This line is less crowded and half way through on my journey it comes above ground. I see buildings, hotels, trees. Usual landscape I guess.  I arrive my final station call Laurentina, walk up and already can see my hotel – Hotel American. 

I walk into the hotel, which looks nice and simple. The receptionist is really friendly, I arrived earlier than my check in hour, but he gave me a room and I could check in. He was about 45 years old and again a really friendly man. He speaks English really nice. I take the elevator to the fourth floor and open the door of my room. I am absolutely satisfied with the room, everything just perfect, can’t fault it. Good size, nice bed, nice bathroom, there is a tv also – if someone want to spend their time watching a movie.

I would absolutely recommend this hotel, if you looking for something cheap but also nice and friendly. Just hope the breakfast in the morning will be nice too. The metro station is literally just 2 minutes walk.

Now I just want to get lost in Rome. I will quickly change my clothes and start my adventure – to explore the beauty of Rome.


If you are interested in my adventure in Rome please continue the story by clicking on my next post: https://mydreamoftravelblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/first-day-in-rome-an-unexpected-souvenir/


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