First day in Rome – An unexpected souvenir (4 mins read)

Before I leave the hotel room I quickly eat my sandwich – do not taste too fresh, but I am hungry and I know it is still edible so no excuse – which I packed for the flight in case if I become hungry.

Going down to the reception, they usually have some leaflet about the actual city – map, excursions, info, etc – what I can read during my metro journey. I found a map – quite detailed – it shows small pictures of every sights, so it will be easy to find them. I like it, so let`s put it into my bag.

I left the accomodation and now I am going towards the metro station which is about two minutes walk. I try to divide the sights between the days I have in Rome. Of course I would love to see everything right now, but I do not want to be greedy and I do not like rushing between the attractions. If I take my time I will might see or experience something nice and unique what is not that popular and is not on the map also.

“When you take the small roads you see the life that goes on there, and this makes your own life lager”

Elizabeth Berg.

My first stop will be Circo Massimo. I am coming up from the metro, looking around and a big “wooow” is coming out of me. Standing there, speaking to myself – people probably think I am some kind of a weirdo, but no I am just amazed of the view what I can see now. I am walking towards to the ruins of the ancient circus. I would expect some kind of a circle shape as a circus, but I guess in the ancient times they thought it differently. At the back of it I can see other ruins also, I think those are part of the Palatino what will need at least half a day to walk around.

Circo Massimo

As I am walking up next to the Circo Massimo I can see a street where the houses are look interesting, so I am going to walk that way – nice as the plants are growing on them from outside. This road leads me to the Foro Romano which is a “MUST SEE” thing. It is located on a really big area full with ruins, columns, arch – beautiful roman architecture – and a big amount of tourists inside of it.

Foro Romano

I continue my journey, the path takes me to the Campidoglio which is a square with famous buildings around if it and Marcus Auralio  statue in a middle. The surrounding buildings are Tabularium, Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo Nouvo, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Palazzi, Cordonata. I am walking down – to continue my exploration –  on these wide stairs which are ending in two lion statues.

On the right side I spot people are standing on the top of another building. I know I need to go up there, I feel it – but how can I go there? Well the best thing is to follow the crowed, some of them may go that way. This building – which I am standing right in front of now – look colossal and fascinating. If you ever will go to Rome do not miss this out, it is absolutely incredible. Let`s go inside! I am making my move closer and closer to the Altare della Patria, but cannot stop making photos about it. I am truly impressed, the fountain, the columns, the sculptures and everything on it are beautiful. I found my way upstairs, where I have seen people standing before. It is a nice view from here, definitely worth to come up. I can see the Colosseum from here also, cannot wait to see it from closer.

Altare della Patria

I am walking down on Via dei Fori Imperiali towards the Colosseum, when my attention is being distract by some noises coming from the trees. Tall, strange looking trees. I cannot see any birds – why they are making noises then? Going closer, I am curious but still cannot see anything in the greenery. The noises are continuing, as I am looking around feels like I am the only one who can hear this – am I mental? There are trees in every three meters, cannot believe no one else hear this. Maybe they do, they just ignoring it, perhaps it is only interesting for my mind set.


The one thing what I notice is lashing of guano under of them. Well before I could leave the spot, it was too late, it has landed on me. A huge amount of disgusting, smelly, terrible looking animal dropping. I have to try clean it up, just hope it will come off, but even if it gets clean the will the smell go away? It does not want to come off, it is just getting worse as I am trying to clean it. A realisation – What if it is my hair also? I have to find this out somehow, so quickly go back the Altare della Patria where the toilet is free. Checking myself in the mirror, nothing on my hair fortunately but the state of this T-shirt is unacceptable. I am going to throw this into the bin now. No way I will walk around in a T-shirt which is full with “unexpected souvenirs“.

Let`s continue my adventure – towards the Colosseum – in a nice and clean sweater.


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