First day in Rome – How can it be entertaining? (2 mins read)

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience”

Julius Caesar

On my way to the Colosseum I am going to visit the Foro Romano. At the entrance they are selling a combined ticket which is valid for two days. With this ticket I can explore the Foro Romano, the Palatino and the Colosseum also – only cost 12 Euro.

I make my way through the entrance into the Foro Romano. Thinking which way to start it, as it spread through on a quite big field. In front of every ruin there is a small board which explains what was standing here in the ancients time – find it interesting. I will take my time here, to get better knowledge about the sights just as well the ancient roman life.


Walking towards the Colosseum, thanks for the combined ticket what I purchased before, I do not have to stand in the queue. At the entrance the security man is checking my bag – take only a minute – before he let me in. Lots of tourists everywhere inside, it is a bit uncomfortable to be honest. I can see a stair, so I am going up. I am walking inside of this magnificent ancient amphitheatre and suddenly I came out from the walls. I can see the whole building from inside, just as I imagined – but bigger.


I can see as they were sitting here and watching the gladiatorial contests, animal hunts or executions in the past. There are separated boxes also what the wealthy people could use for get a bit of a privacy and comfort to watch the show. The lower part was occupied by the rich while the higher was by the poor. The Colosseum was used for entertaining the public, an amount of sixty-thousand people approximately.



How can someone enjoy watching people killing each other or killing animals? How can an execution be entertaining?

The victims had been through there naked for the animals to tear them apart. It was not matter if the victim is a man or woman or even a kid. They tortured everyone. Some of them was crucified and burned alive. Some of theme were beaten to death, or hung up with weights pulling them down.  Those who were Roman citizens were beheaded.

Was this really entertaining for them?

This place is stunningly beautiful and deeply disturbing in a same time. I have mixed feeling inside me – hard to take in.


16 thoughts on “First day in Rome – How can it be entertaining? (2 mins read)

  1. Great report! We honeymooned there in 2002, and it was incredible! Wish we could’ve gotten into the Colloseo–but we were BROKE LOL! We DID, however, go to the ancient Asian seaport nearby(Ostia Antica). And THAT was a…TRIP!!! We stayed in Europa, and also visited the Vatican. Where did you stay?

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    1. The Ostia Antica sounds nice, bet you enjoyed it 😉 maybe next time I will have an opportunity to visit that also. I have stayed in Hotel American Palace a bit out of the city. It was perfect as I could get the metro just in front of the hotel. Just been three days in Rome but absolutely loved it. Nice city nice people and the pizza is really good 🙂 🙂

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