Second day in Rome – 551 steps to the top (2 mins read)

I think everyone who have ever seen the Angels and Demons movie with Tom Hanks, always dreamed about visiting the Vatican – the smallest country in the world – which is located just in the city of Rome but separated with a big wall around of it.

I woke up early today as I read previously that the queue at the entrance of the St. Peter Basilica – my main reason to go there – is can be really long. I take the metro until Ottaviano station and walk to the Vatican from there. I am out of the metro straight into a crowded street. I don`t even have to look which is the right direction to my destination, because the crowed is only going one way – from my experience “if you ever get lost just follow the crowed”– and I will follow them. Both side on the street loads of souvenir shop and cafe – probably will buy something here on the way back.

About ten minutes walk on a stuffed street with tourists, vendors and soldiers I reach the entrance of the Vatican and easily can go through on it to the St. Peter square. It looks way better in real life than it looked in the movie. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS, IF YOU DIDN`T YET! The columns around the Basilica are very high. I am absolutely speechless here, in a middle of this stunning place.


Walking around these giant pillars then I suddenly stop – “I want to go up to the top of the Basilica”. Don`t hesitate much, walking straight to the security gates, joining in the queue what isn’t too long as I arrived here early morning. After ten minutes waiting I am finally in this enormous building, I was amazed how big it is, but as I am standing here inside somehow it just looks bigger.



I found the way to the top of the Dome. There are two options what you can choose – elevator or foot. The elevator is 8 Euro but it is only take you half way, and you still have to walk 320 steps. For the adventurous people I highly recommend the stairs all the way for 6 Euro. At the beginning the stairs are wide and easily passable, but when you are getting closer to the top it is become really narrow and small. If you have claustrophobia do not even think to go up to the top. For me it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. As I get closer to the top a big queue emerged of the people – thanks for the narrow stairs we only can go in single file. We started to talk each other, big laughs and happiness was around us. We had the same aim – to reach the top.

There is an older couple from the USA in front of me. I found out that they are travelling around Italy in a month. They have been in Milan, Florence, Sorrento and Genoa. I can imagine how many other country they had been during their life, how many adventures they experienced, they are look frequent travellers. They are joking around, everybody laughing on them. Very friendly and funny couple it is a pleasure to meet with them.

Behind of me a family with two children, from Spain. I do not understand any word what they are speaking to each other, however I am curious how long they are staying here and what are their impressions about the city. Sofia – the mom – luckily can speak English, so I ask her about it. They are here for four days then they will head towards to Sicily. This is their first day stay, so she cannot say much about the impressions but so far what they experienced they do like it.

Rome panoramic

The view from here is fascinating.

551 steps to the top – an unforgettable experience.


15 thoughts on “Second day in Rome – 551 steps to the top (2 mins read)

  1. This is truly a great idea. I’m not sure if I should take the lift or the stairs all the way. πŸ˜€ I think it will be the lift… But I’ll wait for this heat to take it easy and do it in the autumn.

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    1. If you take the lift You will still have to walk a lot. The beginning of the stairs are fine. Easy to walk. It is getting worse after the lift. I would reccomend to use the stairs as it is really a great experience πŸ˜‰ thanks for reading my post πŸ™‚

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post, but you might want to correct one fact. Vatican City is the smallest “country” in the world, not the worlds smallest city. I am sure you meant to write this.

    I have been to Rome a few times. I love the Vatican and next time I’d love to make it up the dome for the views.

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      1. I am glad you did not mind me pointing this out. 🌷

        I hope so too. The two things working against me are my fear of heights and claustrophobia. How tight does it get? 😬

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      2. If you have claustrophobia I will not reccomend it at all. When it is closer to the top it is quite uncomfortable, literally just one person wide and also somewhere need to bend a bit down otherwise you can hit your head (depend on how tall you are I guess πŸ™‚ ) it is a great experience though! And one more thing : There is no turning back, because the way is only going one way. The exit downstairs will go on an other way.

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      3. I guess it’s not for me then. I am very tall on top of it. πŸ˜•
        I just looked up the staircase on google. No way. I have already anxiety looking at those pics.
        Thank you VERY much for the warning.

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