Pink Clouds

Daily Prompt: Pink

He texted her that he want to meet. She is feeling so happy right now, this is the moment what she was waiting for. She couldn’t stop thinking about him since last week when they met. Every day , every minute he was in her mind. Just to think about him makes her happy. She has different feelings, what she had never felt before.

After she read the message from him, she jumped straight into the shower to make herself ready for him. She is really excited to see him again, keeps imagine what will happen tonight. The big smile on her face tells everything. Her hair is ready, make up done just need to pick a dress and go.

She is out of the house, getting the bus. The bus is packed, she cannot even sit down, and those shoes are not comfortable for standing at all. Well everything is for the nice look, everything is for him.

After a half an hour hell on the bus, she is finally off, starts walking to the meeting point. The sun went down while she was on the bus. It makes all this excitement stronger in her. She keeps checking her phone if he sent a message, but he didn’t.

She can see his car now – parking on the other side of the road. The windows are tinted so she cannot see inside. She is crossing the road, her heart is start beating faster, her body is getting warmer. She set in the vehicle, and he is there.

The man who she is in love with, who she cannot stop thinking about.

She wants to kiss him, but she knows he doesn’t want it. They are chatting about usual things, mostly the things what happened since they last met. After half an hour drive they arrived to his house. He has a wine in the fridge ready to open it.

They are ending up in his bed. It happened. It was really just for him, but she loved it. She is feeling over the moon.

He starts dressing up. Asking her to put her clothes on also. He is opening the front door. She knows this, she has to go. Every time the same scenario – two years ago now -, but she is fine with this.

He just used her again, used her for two years. They could only met when he wanted. They could only speak when he wanted. They could only do what he wanted.

She is in love, is she?

How can you be in love with someone, who can cause you this much pain? How can you love someone who always tell you what to do and when? How can you allow yourself to suffer, instead of just quit of this? How can you live a life like this, when you know that life is happens only once? How can you not see the bad side of him? How can you still believe him after all those lies? How?


One thought on “Pink Clouds

  1. Irrespective of the pain. let downs etc. you still do it, you still follow it; this is known as connecting heart and mind together and this feeling is supreme. Seeing a glow and brightened picture of “the one”

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