Portugal – A new adventure

I am on my way to the airport, full with excitement and curiosity. Cannot wait to see a new culture, to meet with new people, to try new foods and drinks, to see something what I haven’t before.

The rain is pouring down, cannot see through the windows of the bus. I really hope that I can leave behind this weather condition and will be able to enjoy the sun a little bit.

I spent my morning with packing which wasn’t easy again. I am only taking hand luggage for more than a week. Thanks to the Ryanair I can take two bags, which helps me out a little bit. I had to re-pack three times when finally it was perfect by size and weight. I wont lie I hate packing, but somehow I always sort it without stressing out on in. Usually leave it for the last day when just quickly drop everything into the suitcase what I really need. If I would start it earlier I will have time to think what else I need, which probably ends up me freaking out. Thanks for the trips what I have been through I am never stressing on small things. While I have got my passport and my money there cannot be any issue. 

I will be on this journey with my best friend, we will get to our first destination – Faro -from two different countries. Hopefully everything will go fine and we will arrive as it is already scheduled – twenty minutes between the planes.

I will try to upload some pictures while I am abroad.

 Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

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