Arrival to Faro (1 mins read)

As I mentioned before I am doing this trip with my best friend. We live in two different countries but she still my best friend and will be forever. At the beginning of the planning it was quite difficult to find flights which take us to the same destinations without big time differences and long waiting times. But eventually we sorted it out, and could just hope the best, that will not be any delay or cancellation.

The aircraft has landed – on time – I feel much more excited as I was before, I know I can see and explore something new again. This feeling just put a big smile on my face for permanently which I do not mind. I am coming through the gates, following the exit signs. Big queue of people, but I try to be patience and do not rush. At the end of the line I can see people waiting for arrivals. There she is, my best friend waving to me with a big smile on her face. Not seen her for a while, so it was about time to make this trip.

I have booked a private taxi through Hoppa, which only cost us 20 Euros in return. To be honest I have read previously that the taxis when you get them on arrival it has the same tariff or more – there aren`t any public transport at late night and early morning. I found it easier and stress-less to just book it online at home – at least I do not have to go crazy about finding a taxi on acceptable fare.

Our taxi arrived, the guy cannot speak English and we cannot speak Portuguese. He managed to explain us that this journey to our accommodation will only take ten minutes – not bad I thought. I am looking out the window to see how are the buildings look like and hope I can see something nice. Mostly just big houses, like apartments in big blocks. I do not have much time for looking around as we already arrived to the accommodation.

Going upstairs for check-in. They asked us online to go into the Hostel near to the house for check in then they will escort us to the house. We did book this through Airbnb, and we really liked it. It is straight in the centre, walking distance to the shops and marina. It has at least eight rooms, two floors, two kitchens, two bathrooms, garden and also a roof top. I do not know if I could stay there for a whole week, but for some days it is definitely worth it, as it is cheap and really in the middle of the city life.

My friend`s flight was coming through Porto so she had to change planes there, which was a good thing as she could buy us some Sangria in the Duty Free –  welcome drink.

As we explored the accommodation we decided let`s open up that bottle of Sangria. First we are going upstairs to the roof, but as soon as we reached it we found it too dark as there are no lights at all here. We are going down to the garden just to sit there and have a drink. It is still roasting here, although I am wearing jeans – tomorrow I have to wear something lighter I guess. The Sangria taste amazing, wish we would have an other bottle.

It is pretty late now – two a.m.-  and we are willing to wake up early tomorrow, so it means only one thing – bed time for us. Literally cannot wait to wake up in the morning – I will set my alarm, otherwise I will sleep too late and will miss the opportunity to look around in this city.

To be continued…


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