Faro – Portugal

I am full with excitement to finally leave the house and explore the city and it`s beauty. My alarm was set on seven in the morning, so we could leave the house around eight what I was really happy for.


The accommodation is literally 3 minutes walk from the main square and the port. As we are walking down the street we recognise that it is full with bars, restaurants and shops. People already sitting outside having a coffee or tea and a breakfast too. It is quite early but the streets are already popular – I like it.

On the main square there are beautiful purple trees  and benches all around. On the right side there are the port, the train station and the sea. On the left side there are the town centre, restaurants, shops, cafe.

purple faro

We decided to start walking up straight next to the port, as we can see big walls ahead, probably a castle. We were right, this is the castle district, the old town which is surrounding with this big wall. I spot a small door kinda thing on the wall, that allow us inside. Tiny narrow streets, cobblestones everywhere. It is gorgeous here. The buildings are white coloured, orange trees are on the streets full with fruits. Small restaurants and cafe are here also, but for some reason these are look different. Maybe it is just me who see them differently, maybe just the ambient causing that these are look lovely for me.


Here in the old town, there are the archaeological museum and the town hall. The town hall is on a bigger square which is surrounding with orange trees again. I love oranges, wonder if I can try one from the trees. I am walking towards to them and can see that all the oranges from the bottom of the tree had been picked down. I cannot reach any with my arm so I am trying to shake them and just hope some will fall down. These trees are massive, hard to move them, and I do not want to cause any harm of them, so will just leave it. Sadly walking pass.

We arrived back to the main square where we first started our day. At this time we are going towards the shops, restaurants and cafe. Feels like we are walking on the market street, you can find everything what you need. Fancy shops on both sides of the streets if you feel spending your time with shopping. Restaurants and cafes following each others. We are a bit hungry now, but only want to eat something light. We spot a bakery on the left side of the street.

As we are going in we can see an older lady and we can smell amazing scent. I can tell all these pastry are freshly made by this lady. I am looking around, it is really cheap for a really big size. I am getting a ham and cheese croissant. There are tables and chairs inside the bakery, so you can sit down while you are eating. I am going to bite into it, it is warm, tastes amazing, smells amazing. I am absolutely satisfied. I feel I want to eat ten other ones right now. I also ordered a coffee with milk, pretty good that one too. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who will ever visit Faro. A red coloured bakery on the left hand side of the market street, Gardy Croissanteria is the name of it.

We walked around the tiny streets and ended up again on the square with the purple trees where we started in the morning. At this time we decided to go towards the port and the sea as we would like to see the sunset.


The port is nice, full with smaller boats. There are lots of benches around so you can just sit down relaxing. Also there are three different restaurant around the port if you feel hungry or just wish to drink something. In every 5 minutes there is a plane coming through above the port ready for landing. It is really good to see the aircraft this low. Really peaceful here, no reason to be afraid. It is a lovely and friendly city.

We are walking towards the sea next to the train station. We have to cross the tracks to reach out to the sea. Wow, looks stunning. It is absolutely worth it to come out here. There is a pier going into the sea. People are sitting on it, watching the sunset or just making photos. We are going there also. The wind is a bit stronger here, but still warm. The sun is nearly down. The colours which are painting this view in front of me is wonderful.


To be continued…


20 thoughts on “Faro – Portugal

  1. ohhh, I’m so envious! I’ve tried to get there a dozen times. My familiy/friends are in Spain and I am never able to tear myself away. You inspired me though! Such a beautiful post!!!

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    1. You should visit Faro. I loved it so much, and pretty sure you would enjoy it also. It has it`s own beauty and definitely different from the big cities. More enjoyable I think. There aren`t big crowds and queues. I think you should really go, just for a weekend 🙂


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