Which is YOUR favourite country in the world?

I am pretty sure that every one of you heard this question – “Which is your favourite country in the world?” – at least once in their life, aren`t you? Could you give an answer with the name of that one country?

I came across with this question a few times in my life but I was never be able to give a normal answer. I feel it impossible to choose only one. Someone asked me yesterday this question again. My answer was: I cannot choose just only one. I have been to a lot of cities in many different countries. I have seen good and bad. I have seen many different cultures, met with a lot of different people. I had memories which are unforgettable. In every city and country I did find something what I loved. Something what was unique and made me amazed. How would I be able to choose only one?

One good moment can make you fall in love with a country.

In Germany I have spent two weeks around the south of the country. I have visited many different cities and villages up on the mountains or down in the valleys. All was different to each other but the people everywhere were really welcoming. During that two weeks I have been on the road a lot and will never forget those serpentine roads. The view of the surrounding nature was breathtaking. The surface was really diverse – high mountains ending into really deep valleys. I have never seen the nature this beautiful before.

In Slovakia when we have been hiking on the mountain, the rain had started to pouring down, but it was warm. The clouds were really low, I remember it was quite foggy also, felt like we were walking into them. After three hours hiking uphill we found a waterfall. The moment what I felt there is something what I can still feel when I think about it. I have never seen a waterfall before. 

In Portugal I have been more different cities, seen a lot of interesting thing. The best memory from Portugal is the boat journey in Faro. This is something what everyone should try. Takes you to the islands, which are really beautiful. The Desert Island is something which will take your breath away. Uninhabited with a least ten kilometres long shore next to the sea. I could spend all day just sitting in the sand and watching the sea as it making waves. I have never seen a Desert Island.

In Poland after the capital and the surrounding cities we ended up in a village next to the sea. The accommodation was five minutes walk from the sea side. The way to the shore was full with vendors on both side. We were really exciting to see the sea. At the end of the road it was a smaller hill where we had to go up on. We reached the top and all what we could see was the sea straight in front of us. From there we started to run down into the water. We not even dropped our clothes off, run into it as we were. This moment is unforgettable again. I have never seen the sea before.

In Brussels I have spent a long weekend. The chocolate shops are really lovely. The design of each shop was welcoming. Impossible to look inside but not to go in. I loved that as soon as I put my leg inside they came to me with a sample to try it. This is how they wanted the customers to buy the chocolates. For four days I was eating a lot of different flavoured chocolate, never once said them no. I am absolutely loved it. I have never eat such a delicious chocolates before.

In Paris I have been on a long weekend twice. The city itself is beautiful – the Eiffel tower is bigger than I thought. I really liked the city but the reason why I love Paris is the Disney Land. When I was a small kid I was always dreaming to visit the Disney Land. That was my biggest dream through my childhood. Unfortunately my parents couldn’t afford it, so it was always just a dream. As I got older it was still inside me – the big dream of a small girl. I can proudly say that I have been in the Disney Land – I made my dream come true. I was older but absolutely loved it. I have never been in Disney Land before. 

In Netherlands I have tried the coffee shop. The shop where we went in offered three choices – light, medium, strong. It was for three of us, so we chose the medium one. Set inside the shop and smoked it. We decided that we will go into the sex-museum as it was on our list to visit. I am telling you this is the best combination if you want a really good laugh. I will never forget this day. Actually I couldn`t stop laughing, my tears were falling down on my cheek. Probably the same would have happened if we just walked on the street, but to make it better we went into the museum. I have never been in a coffee shop before.

In Italy the architecture is unbelievable. I loved that they kept a lot of building as it was in the past – let you know more about the ancient roman culture and make the city look beautiful. To see the Colosseum was a big moment for me – always wanted to see it with my two eyes rather than on television. An enormous and rather impressive building which hiding a lot of bad things from the past – executions. I did not hear about these before, so the details were shocking for me. It gave me mixed feelings inside me, something what I will never forget. I have never been in the Colosseum before.

I could continue the list with other countries where I have been, but I think the point has been taken here. Impossible to choose only one country. Every country has it`s own beauty. Something what people love, what they find unique, what they will remember forever.

Travelling makes my life happier, makes me complete. I love to see new cultures, experience new things, meet with new people, gaining new memories. All these memories make me fall in love with a city or a country AND fall in love with the world again and again.



26 thoughts on “Which is YOUR favourite country in the world?

  1. I also have no true favourites but the way i see if i like the place is by far the people.. If i like people i meet in a certain country i will be sure to make may way back.

    I fell in love with Pittsburgh in North America because i love the Steelers football team

    I liked the vibe of Rome because of the history and seeing the coliseum

    I love my own country Australia because its home and where i grew up.

    I think it depends on the culture and how you embrace where you are in each country

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  2. Apart from my home country, Australia, which I love, Italy is my favourite country. I think it has more beautiful things per square inch than anywhere else I have been. I love the food and the people fascinate me.

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  3. I am surprised but happy to read that you consider the nature of Germany the most beautiful you had ever seen 🙂 It is mostly advertised for its great cities but indeed you are right to say that it has beautiful landscapes as well 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading my post.
      In Germany I was absolutely amazed. Do not get me wrong I have been in a lot of different cities in the country and I loved them. Each of them has something what makes it unique and special. BUT the landscape somehow caused me bigger amazement. I was travelling a lot around the country – what I usually do not do – so I had time to spend more out of the cities. I haven’t seen before anything like that- I mean the landscape. Whenever I think back I still can say I love it.

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      1. I cannot tell. I was all around in Germany. If you draw a horizontal line on Stuttgart and Ingolstatt I was all around under that line. Our base was in Sigmaringen near to the castle, a smaller town with lovely people. Every day we head out to the roads to visit other cities and see the nature. All what I have seen was stunning.

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      2. 🙂 🙂 That sounds so nice! I have never been travelling in that region but I once visited a friend who lived near Hohenzollern which is I think near Sigmaringen. I loved hiking with him in that region 🙂

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  4. Hard to pick just one, as you wrote. I suppose I choose all those I have visited already and those I haven’t seen yet. I know… sounds like cheating a bit but… Great post and amazing pictures!

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    1. You have noted very interesting details ! ps nice web site . “Great opriutpnoties to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” by Sally Koch.


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