Porto – Down to the river

The plane has landed in Porto, it was only a short flight – about an hour – from Faro. It is early in the morning, we did not have a chance to drink a coffee in Faro as everything was closed at the airport. To be honest we would die for a nice coffee right coffee. There is a Costa Cafe – better than nothing – at the arrivals so we are going to buy one.


To get into the city we are choosing the underground. Cheaper than a taxi and we can use the ticket all day. It is not that easy as I thought it will be. The machine allow you to change the language for English but it is still showing some parts on Portuguese. It is just a big guessing for me as no one is speaking English here or if they do then they have no idea either. I wanted to buy two day-tickets today for both of us, but I ended up buying two day-tickets for today and tomorrow for one person. I was really angry, I only wanted to buy a day ticket and see if we would need it at all because we do prefer walking. Next time I will be aware of it, and will buy the correct tickets πŸ™‚

Our hotel was a bit out of the city centre. Had to take the underground to Marques stop and walk five minutes from there – Residencial Borsalino. I booked it through on Booking, it was cheaper than those which are right in the centre. We are about to check in, there are two lady here and non of them speak English although we understand what they want to say as they try to use signs and show it to us. I can already tell that these two lady are really kind and friendly people. I am happy with the choice again. The room is perfect for us, nice size and very comfortable beds. We are freshening up a bit then going out to explore the beauty of Porto.

We have checked the sight`s whereabouts on the map and we planned the route for us. First we are getting the underground until Trindade stop then we will walk down to the river on the streets. The Trindade is a main stop I think as you can change for all the other lines. We are starting to walk down the street. On the right there is a big supermarket which is perfect if we will need something on the way home. As we are walking pass the supermarket on the left we see a nice small square with a big church on the side of it – Igreja da Santissima Trindade. It looks really nice with the fountain and a lot of pigeon and seagull around here.

Moving forward on the street we are ending up on a really big rectangle shape square with buses around on the side of it – Aliados. On the top there is a beautiful and dominant building – Monumento a Garrett. There are quite a lot bench here to just sit down and relax under the shade of the trees. As we are heading down on the square we are walking pass some really nice statue here.

We are walking towards to Sao Bento underground station. On the right hand side there are restaurants and cafes all along the streets. Also there are quite a lot souvenir shop here, which is really cheap I think. We can see a cathedral in front of us, so we decided to walk towards there. Despite of choosing the easy way to reach it, we are walking between the houses on the small steep streets and try to manage to head to the right direction. It is quite a fun to be honest, to feel a bit lost between these streets. I like how narrow all of it, and the houses have different colours. This is something what I haven`t seen before anywhere in the world. After fifteen minutes wandering between the buildings we finally reached the steps towards to that monument.

I feel exhausted because of the heat and the constant walking uphill. I am not used to it unfortunately. On the top of the stairs there is a big square where I decide to take a rest and just sit there looking around. I like to be here it is warm and the view from here is amazing. I can see almost all of the centre.

We are heading towards to the river – at least this is our plan. It is easier to walk now as we are going down hill. We have absolute no idea where are we going, just try to find a way between the houses again. It takes for a while but we finally reach a main road which is leading us down to the river.

Stunning, this is the only word what I can say. I am really impressed with the view.


To be continued…


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