Port, Warship, Seaside, Lighthouse – Who would not want to see all these?

Matosinhos is a city in the northern Porto district. Easily reachable with the underground line A/blue towards to Senhor de Matosinhos. There are several stops where you can get off the transport, we decided to get off at Brito Capelo and walk down ahead to the sea.


The weather is beautiful again, the sun is shining but it is not unbearable as the wind is breezy – best combination. We are walking towards to the sea, but we noticed some kind of a port all around us which makes it more exciting. A lots of seagull are flying around and all I can smell is fish. On the left side of the road people selling fish, on the right side restaurants are all the way. I couldn’t eat here in this smell – I do not like any sea creature – but people are sitting at the tables eating something.


We are walking up on the road towards to the bridge. I already can see a warship with people on it at the other side of the bridge. I am feeling really excited now. Always wanted to go on a warship, finally I may will be able to do it. Imagine a small girl around six years old jumping around on the streets because he had seen those ships – I am doing the same. Cannot wait to reach that bridge, get across and go on that huge ship. As we are getting closer I can see not just one but five ships full with people. I cannot believe this is happening – the smile is just stuck onto my face.

Finally we reached the bridge, it looks quite cool. I think it will lift up on the middle if a big ship is going out to the sea. Wish I could see that. Cannot stop making photos of the ships. I probably already have forty – but we know it is never enough πŸ™‚


We are at the entrance of this ship yard. There are two security guy standing here and not letting the people inside. I am trying to read the board to get some information about the opening times, but there is no English language on it. Trying to figure out what can it be but I cannot. I have to ask the guys what is going on. Of course they are not speaking English. Saying me something on Portuguese what I cannot understand. Some other people here also but non of them speak English. I feel really sad now, as I cannot go inside. We cannot stand here all day so we are moving on towards to the sea and just hope that on the way back we can go inside.

The sea was about fifteen minutes walk, and it is absolutely breathtaking. Some people are sunbathing, some surfing and some just walking around with a dog. I do love the sea. I love the colour of it, that it is different in every country. I love the noise what it makes especially when it is hitting the rocks. I love watching the waves as those are getting bigger. Here we have everything. Nice colour, big waves and the noise on the rocks also. This is paradise for me. I could just sit here all day and watching it.


It is quite a long-shore, we decided to walk next to it towards to the lighthouse, which is already visible from this distance. On the way there are several restaurants and supermarkets, we can eat and drink something.


The light house is nice, but we are too cold as the wind is got heavier on the way. We have cardigans but it seems like not enough. Quickly looked around the lighthouse then we decided to go back.


Here we are again, at the entrance of the ship yard. They let us in this time. I cannot express this happiness what I can feel right now. Being on an enormous warship, just the thought of it is magnificent. As I am getting closer the ships are getting bigger and bigger. I am speechless. What an amazing experience is this! Something what I will definitely remember for. All ship are beautiful, we also allowed to go inside the bridge where the captain commands the ship.

From the last ship I can see that the bridge has lifted up, probably something will come through. I can see a small boat coming which is towing something. Wow!! This small boat is towing a huge cargo ship. It is loaded with a thousand container at least. As it is getting through the bridge just getting bigger. At the back of it there is also a small towing boat. I guess they are controlling the way of this enormous ship. I have never seen this big ship before.

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I feel so lucky now, that I am able to experience this – to be able go inside of fiveΒ warship then see an enormous cargo ship coming through a bridge. Maybe it is not a big deal for lot of people but for me these things are worth a lot.

My friend is not so lucky as her sandals has broken. She cannot walk in them at all so she has to take it off and walk around Porto with bare feet. I feel sorry for her but also I just cannot stop laughing. I found out that she went on a wrong way at the last ship and the sandals hitched into something.


14 thoughts on “Port, Warship, Seaside, Lighthouse – Who would not want to see all these?

    1. I haven`t heard of this town either. I just seen on the map that it is reachable by public transport and it is next to the sea. It was enough for me to go πŸ™‚ Really a nice place, worth to spend there a day or half at least. Thank you for reading it πŸ™‚

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      1. Disappointed? No never. Yes I usually pick randomly. A nice picture of a country on the internet can make me go there or a really cheap flight ticket somewhere where I have never been. How could I be dissapointed when I am on a journey? πŸ™‚

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