Barcelona – I am in love again

I have been lucky to visit an amazing city again. Did I fall in love with it? Yes I did, definitely.

I always knew that Barcelona is something what I want to see and explore one day – I have seen many photos, I have heard many talk about it. But I have never imagined that I will fall in love with it this easy. It became my mostly beloved city – after my hometown – in the world. When I left I was gutted and was actually thinking to move over there.


It has it’s own vibe which makes it unique. The buildings and the architecture made me speechless. The food is delicious and there are a really big variety of restaurants to choose from. The sangria has never tasted this good before as it did here.

It has everything what you can wish for. The old town with the narrow streets are full with shops, restaurants, bars and souvenirs where just to walk around will give you a good feeling. The sea where you can go and relax or even catch a bit of a sun if you like. The famous sights which give the city a unique character just like the Sagrada Familia or the Park Guell.

I really miss the city and that atmosphere.




12 thoughts on “Barcelona – I am in love again

  1. To me, Madrid is the señora, elegant and sophisticated. Barcelona is the señorita, wild and free. I love them both and my dream is to live in Spain, if even for a few months.


    1. Yes I did try it. The chicken one is amazing. Could eat that everyday 🙂 but it cannot beat the tapas especially that one where people all you can eat. That is my favourite place so far 🙂


  2. I felt just the same after visiting earlier this year for the first time!! It’s a really special city and one that I hope to visit again soon! (PS thanks for visiting my site!)

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