Barcelona – Park Güell

This is something what everybody on this planet should see and experience. There is a well-known picture of Barcelona what I bet everyone has seen at least once in their life. Well this picture has been made here in park Guell – isn`t it gorgeous?


To reach the park the best way is to get the underground until Vallcarca station and from there just follow the signs. It is about ten minutes walk on a really steep platform, so be ready for this. There will be some escalator what you can use at the beginning but after that you will have to walk (climb) on the steep stairs – it will definitely worth it so do not give up.


Basically this is a huge park where you can walk around all day. I suggest you to take some water and some snack with you if you can, because you will spend a long time here as it is amazing. There are different paths where you can walk, uphill or downhill – better walk on them all. You will have a different view of the city from above which is absolutely stunning.


The main attraction in the park is where the mosaics are. You will need a ticket to explore this part. I was so exciting to see this finally, but at this time I wasn`t lucky. This is an amazing part of Barcelona what I always wanted to see but I cannot. It made me disappointed a bit. Wish someone told me before what I will tell you now.


To buy tickets on the day it is impossible. It is all already sold out. Better to buy it in advance from the internet. Once you have your ticket just print out the confirmation and bring it with you. You will have to queue up before the entrance. As I understood they are just letting in an exact amount of people for once, and inside you will have two hours to spend before you will have to leave. It is really warm at this time in Barcelona. People had to queue under the sun without any coverage.  Prepare yourself for this, and make sure you have enough water on you. Also I was asking around and found out that the entrance is totally free after 7 pm every day, when it is less crowded and not that roasting warm. I didn’t have time to come back at night as I already had other plans but next time when I will visit the city will go there after 7 pm definitely.


Hope you will find this info useful and will have a chance to explore this beautiful part of Barcelona. I would love to see some pictures of your journey if you can make it there.




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