“Money makes You happy” – is this really true? 

Money cannot buy happiness, however money can be spent on travelling. During travelling you can gain new memories such as life time experiences worth way more than a brand new phone/tablet/Ipad or a new car etc.

People spend lots of money to keep up with the trends which is to be honest changing quite frequently. People swapping phones every years buying new cars and clothes although there isn`t  any problem with the one which they own.  For the first couple of month they will be happy as they have something new in their possession which they can “explore” every day. After a few month when they will finally get used to it, when they will know it inside and outside their happiness will drop down. They will want a new one, a better one again what they can “discover” and will get rid of what they bought just because they got bored with it or it is not fashionable enough.

Travelling is the best which you can spend your money of. You will learn of it and your personality will grow. Every trip what you make will make you want an other one. You will make photos and memories. You will explore new thing, foods, cultures. You will meet new people, make new friends. You will start to see the world differently. These experiences will last for a lifetime, and you will always remember them.

This blog is actually a journey. My life and my passion about travelling. Since I was 14 years old I knew I love travel. I always found and still find a way to escape from the everyday life into an adventure and explore something new, something different. During these years I have been many countries, met loads of people, made new friends but the most important thing is that I live what I was always dreaming about – travel the world.