Porto is a nice and livable city where is a lot to see and experience. I am going to write you some tips what I would do differently or what I experienced and it is good to know. The city is easily reachable with the underground from the airport. You can buy tickets at the … Continue reading Porto

Port, Warship, Seaside, Lighthouse – Who would not want to see all these?

Matosinhos is a city in the northern Porto district. Easily reachable with the underground line A/blue towards to Senhor de Matosinhos. There are several stops where you can get off the transport, we decided to get off at Brito Capelo and walk down ahead to the sea. The weather is beautiful again, the sun is … Continue reading Port, Warship, Seaside, Lighthouse – Who would not want to see all these?

Porto – Down to the river

The plane has landed in Porto, it was only a short flight - about an hour - from Faro. It is early in the morning, we did not have a chance to drink a coffee in Faro as everything was closed at the airport. To be honest we would die for a nice coffee right … Continue reading Porto – Down to the river

Faro – Portugal – Boat trip

Today is a big day, we are going out to the islands with a boat. I am really excited to see them. Previously I was Google them and all of it looked amazing. Three different stops, five hours to spend. If you follow up next to the port in Faro you will find the kiosks … Continue reading Faro – Portugal – Boat trip

Which is YOUR favourite country in the world?

I am pretty sure that every one of you heard this question - "Which is your favourite country in the world?" - at least once in their life, aren`t you? Could you give an answer with the name of that one country? I came across with this question a few times in my life but … Continue reading Which is YOUR favourite country in the world?

5 things you have to know if you are planning to visit Faro in Portugal

Transfer from the Airport to the city There are two options to get into the city from the airport. You can use public transport - bus number 14 and 16 - , where is a single charge 2.30 Euros or you can get a taxi for about 10 euros. My plane was a late arrival, … Continue reading 5 things you have to know if you are planning to visit Faro in Portugal

Faro – Portugal

I am full with excitement to finally leave the house and explore the city and it`s beauty. My alarm was set on seven in the morning, so we could leave the house around eight what I was really happy for. The accommodation is literally 3 minutes walk from the main square and the port. As we are … Continue reading Faro – Portugal


Thank You All for this !!!! I am really glad that people are interested in my travelling. I am happy to share it with you all and hopefully some of you can use some ideas for your next journeys. Thanks again for your like and comment and advice. It is really helpful for me. Have a … Continue reading Two-hundred

Arrival to Faro (1 mins read)

As I mentioned before I am doing this trip with my best friend. We live in two different countries but she still my best friend and will be forever. At the beginning of the planning it was quite difficult to find flights which take us to the same destinations without big time differences and long waiting times. … Continue reading Arrival to Faro (1 mins read)

Back at home

I had an amazing vacation with my best friend. We had been lucky enough to see Faro, Porto, Lisbon and Barcelona. We tried new foods and drinks, saw new cultures, met with new people and fall in love with new cities. I am having a busy week at the moment, but I will try to … Continue reading Back at home