Which is YOUR favourite country in the world?

I am pretty sure that every one of you heard this question – “Which is your favourite country in the world?” – at least once in their life, aren`t you? Could you give an answer with the name of that one country? I came across with this question a few times in my life but […]


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Back at home

I had an amazing vacation with my best friend. We had been lucky enough to see Faro, Porto, Lisbon and Barcelona. We tried new foods and drinks, saw new cultures, met with new people and fall in love with new cities. I am having a busy week at the moment, but I will try to […]

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Pink Clouds

Daily Prompt: Pink He texted her that he want to meet. She is feeling so happy right now, this is the moment what she was waiting for. She couldn’t stop thinking about him since last week when they met. Every day , every minute he was in her mind. Just to think about him makes her happy. She […]

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