Portugal – A new adventure

I am on my way to the airport, full with excitement and curiosity. Cannot wait to see a new culture, to meet with new people, to try new foods and drinks, to see something what I haven’t before. The rain is pouring down, cannot see through the windows of the bus. I really hope that […]

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Pink Clouds

Daily Prompt: Pink He texted her that he want to meet. She is feeling so happy right now, this is the moment what she was waiting for. She couldn’t stop thinking about him since last week when they met. Every day , every minute he was in her mind. Just to think about him makes her happy. She […]

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Portugal – looking for advice

Hi everyone, I am going to Portugal next week for a mini vacation. Will visit Faro, Porto and Lisbon also. I am excited much 🙂 I am looking forward to see some comments about these cities based on YOUR experience. What to see, what to do? If you know some good restaurants or just something what […]

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The hundred

A massive THANK YOU for all my followers. Without you I could not be there where I am now – hundred followers – on such a sort time.   Next week I will go to Portugal, so you will see some posts about it when I came back. While I am abroad will try to […]

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Last day in Rome

It started to rain, but this will not stop me to explore the beauty of Rome on my last day. I am used to the rain since I am living in the United Kingdom. From the metro station I am just walking up to the Castel St Angelo. Despite of the rain still a lot tourist walking around the […]

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