“I have never thought about it before” (1 min read)

“I have never been abroad on a holiday” – he said, “I have never flew before” – he continued. These words of his mouth touched me.

I can​`​t believe this, I think he is just joking – but he is not.

How is this possible? Why he has never been? Maybe he afraid of the flight? Why he not takes a train or just drives somewhere? How can he be not curious?

I found out he is forty eight years old…. FORTY EIGHT.

As soon as he said this number I feel terrible. The feeling what is going through on my body makes goosebumps. I feel sadness inside me – inexplicable. I do not know what to say to him, how to continue this conversation – my mind is stopped, I am in shock.

Forty eight years without being abroad is unimaginable for me. I am twenty seven, but had been through lots of adventures, met hundreds or more new people, seen other cultures and lifestyles. I could not imagine my life without these. I learnt a lot during my travelling, acknowledged more. To live my life stuck in one place – do not even want to imagine that.

How can somebody live a life like this? I know people are different, everyone has dissimilar needs but I always thought that the curiosity – to see the world -is in everyone, but maybe I was wrong.

He always ask me about my journeys and he always seems excited when I am telling stories to him. I feel that he want to go and experience it also. I can tell as he is listening me or just looking at me during the stories. I have to dig a bit deeper and ask him about this. Ask why he never been abroad? Just to find out the reason and understand it. I am nobody and do not want to judge him, just want to understand WHY?

We started to speak about it. I really want to understand him. Questions after questions, I want to know it.

“I have never thought about it before”

Another shocking answer for me. I start to explain him to himself. That as he look at me during my stories, that I feel he would like to go somewhere, he would like to experience new things.

He saying he really like travelling, he had been a lot of place around the country. He loved it. Then why he is not going abroad also, to see another culture, another lifestyle? Cannot he afford it? Well quite often you can buy plane tickets cheaper than eating out somewhere. So it cannot be an excuse.

And again the answer:

“I have never thought about it before”

Alright then…

Hope YOU who reading this, have been abroad at least once in your life. If not, then pack your bag and go somewhere. The money is cannot be an excuse. I do not have much also, but always find a way to go somewhere. Those things what are out in the world just amazing. A lot needs to be explored. You will learn a lot from your journey. So if you can just do it more often.

Start living your life if you didn’t yet!

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