5 things you have to know if you are planning to visit Faro in Portugal

Transfer from the Airport to the city

There are two options to get into the city from the airport. You can use public transport – bus number 14 and 16 – , where is a single charge 2.30 Euros or you can get a taxi for about 10 euros.

My plane was a late arrival, actually we landed at 11.30pm. I was pretty sure that I will not be able to jump on the last bus – leaves the airport 00.10am –  so back at home I found a taxi company online – Hoppa. A shared ride costs around 6 Euros, while a private taxi is 10 Euros. I did choose a private taxi, which took us to the accommodation less than 10 minutes.

You can find taxis just in front of the building also, but I am glad that I chose to book it in advance so it was hassle free, quick and cheap.

Public transport

The city is quite small, easy to walk around. You will not need to spend anything on public transport. Although if your accommodation is a bit far you might have to catch a bus or a train to get into the centre. Be careful as there is no late night service for transports, the last bus and train departs around 7 – 8 pm.


Most people are not staying in the centre of Faro, they are going to the near resorts in Albufeira, Santa Eulalia etc. I wanted to stay in the city cetre as I wasn’t on a relaxing beach holiday. There are different sites online where you can book a hotel or apartment in Faro. I do not have a lot money, cannot really afford to stay in a hotel. And to be honest I do not even really want. Do not want to pay a double amount just for sleeping, because during the day I am out exploring the city. I have booked my accommodation through Airbnb. It was cheap and perfect for my needs. I can honestly recommend using it – if you do not want to spend your holiday into a hotel room then it will be perfect.

Ria Farmosa Nature Park – boat trip

It is definitely something what you have to do! If you are walking next to the port towards to the old town`s wall, you will see some kiosk in front of the train track. This is where you can buy your tickets for a boat trip to the beautiful islands. I have listened all of them what they can offer, pretty much the same to be honest. The price is between 20-30 Euros.

It is really an amazing and memorable experience for me. I have never seen anything before as a Desert Island – which is a breathtaking for me.

You can read more about the islands if you feel on my previous post.

Eat and Drink

My accommodation was just 2 minutes walk from the centre of Faro. To reach it I had to walk down a street which was full with bars and restaurants. Food costs around 8-10 Euros, drinks around 3-5 Euros. This is the place where the tourists are coming to enjoy the night – Rua Conselheiro Bivar. From this street you can walk up and down to other streets where you will find other bars and restaurants. Enjoy 🙂

What I would truly recommend to try is the Gardy Croissanteria. A small bakery on the market street – homemade, fresh, delicious and cheap.

You can read more about this in one of my previous posts.

All together I have just positive experiences about Faro. It is a really lovely city.

Will I go back again?? – Yes definitely.

Will I do something differently?? – Yes, stay more days. 

Hope YOU who are about to visit Faro will have a lovely holiday. If YOU have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! – I am here to help.


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